If you vote, you are part of the problem!

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If you vote, you are part of the problem! Empty If you vote, you are part of the problem!

Post  indictbush4murder on Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:18 am

Not voting is the only response to the jackals that are put before us on rigged election ballots. Voting only encourages them to be jackals and make war around the world for money. Read the book, Dissenting Electorate, Those Who Refuse To Vote and the Legitimacy of Their Opposition by Watner and McElroy and you will have a reason not to vote!


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If you vote, you are part of the problem! Empty Not voting is invisible

Post  something clever on Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:26 am

All those uber-achievers in our exalted National Student Council, oops, I mean in Congress, just think we're too busy watching tv and eating everything in sight to vote.

Go to the poll. Wait in line. Show your card. Sign your name. And write something in. Write in something that amuses you. Write in something that you've been planning to say. Write in what the voice in your head told you to write. Even if it's the Voice of God. Even if it's NOT the Voice of God. Write in one of those joke names like I.P. Freely, or just a slogan like "Dems and Repubs are the same". Or write something I saw on the playground wall at school when I was very very young: "BOTT". (I think some child got left behind back in 1960, tried his or her damnedest to shock our socks off and ended up puzzling me for a lifetime.)

I don't relish the idea of running willy-nilly in the streets, looting the Talbots store in my neighborhood, ducking the libertarians with their personal enforcers (guns). But it is truly true, if enough people do lots of different things that are noticeably out of the ordinary, and look angry and kind of off-the-grid, or out-of-order (without being dangerous) (c'mon you guys, no running with scissors, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze) . . . . . . . If it's funny or puzzling, or just odd, but definitely not dangerous, joe jocks and soccer moms will not feel threatened or called upon to make it stop. They'll listen. And they'll learn. And, eventually, I should think, They'll Join.

Anyway, with a write-in campaign directed as a dissent, and not as some pathetically doomed idealist hope of an actual write-in President, I guess the next thing that would happen is someone would be surprised to see an unusually high volume of write-in votes. And maybe at some point someone actually has to tabulate the write-in votes.

I'm sure every damn year they get a lot of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck votes. I don't think we all have to write the same thing. But it would be nice if we all wrote things that got someone's attention. Even if it's just some poor low-man at my local precinct. (Wow, I just got Willy Loman's name in Death of a Salesman. I'll bet my English lit teacher told us that while I wasn't listening.)

something clever

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